Home Bar Wall Cabinets

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Perhaps the most popular style of home bar wall cabinets, at least with our readers, is the armoire unit style. These are designed to stand right up against the wall. Some taller and slimmer units are secured in discrete areas by screws, nails, bolts, straps, or adhesives.

These are the easiest to install as you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to install, such as with recessed home bar cabinets. Many of them feature doors so that you can close the display when not in use. There are many models available.

home bar furniture

However, they look just fine when you leave them open, as they make a good showcase for your beverages and drinkware. For a more open concept theme, you can purchase models without doors.

Best Rated Home Bar Wall Cabinets

One of the best rated home bar wall cabinets is the Howard Miller Seneca Falls Hide a Bar (model 690-006).

The dimensions for this model measure at 66” H x 48” W x 19” D. The top half of this unit has a door which you pull down to open, and you can use it as a serving area for beverages and a few small food items. Inside the top half you will find a rack at the top to hang your favorite beverage glasses upside down.

This cabinet also has a large center drawer with metal guides so that you can store some utensils and essential accessories such as a wine bottle opener, pourer, aerator, etc.

home bar wall cabinets

The bottom half features a center wine rack which takes up about 2/3 the width, and can hold 11 bottles, which are inserted base first and sit flat with mouth facing forward. On each side of the wine rack is a small cabinet which you can use for storage of additional beverages, accessories, and even literature, perhaps about beverages or your favorite novels.

Each door on this model is equipped with a smart light, which turns on when you open the door, which provides easy viewing of the contents inside but also adds for a beautiful visual effect. The light turns back off as you close the door.

If you have uneven floor surfaces or carpet, this cabinet comes with adjustable levelers under each corner.

With American cherry wood construction and moisture resistant laminate surface, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy this well crafted home bar wall cabinet for many years to come.

A handful of retailers will sell this cabinet, with a typical price point of $1500 – $2000.

We also like the popular OIA Dawn Wine Cabinet (model 39415). Decked out in all white, it makes for a clean, sleek appearance that goes well with contemporary themed rooms.

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The top half has a tempered glass door that opens up to a single shelf, which you can adjust to your liking so that you can store wine glasses or your favorite wines.

It also has a single pull out drawer which you can use to store utensils and other important wine accessories.

The bottom half is a grid styled wine rack, designed to hold 15 wine bottles. Bottles lay flat with mouth facing forward in a 3 x 5 fashion, and is simply striking.

Dimensions for this model measure at 60.75″ H x 19″ W x 15.75″ D.

The OIA Dawn Wine Cabinet sells for $299.99.

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